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Municipalities with industrial parks adhered to the Camp de Valls Agreement - Alt Camp Industrial Park

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Mapa Brafim
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Check the availability of industrial land and warehouses for sale and rent of the industrial parks in the Camp de Valls (this BB.DD. is updated every week)

The Camp de Valls - Alt Camp Industrial Park Park is one of the largest industrial areas in Camp de Tarragona (704.4ha),with a significant concentration of companies from several sectors with a long tradition of business.

In its surroundings several industrial parks have been developed which, together, make up a very important and significant industrial supply in Catalonia. Valls’ Industrial Park represents almost 50% of the industrial land of the Camp de Valls, with 351.9 ha. The other 50% of the industrial land is set in the parks of the largest municipalities in the region: Pla de Santa Maria (119 ha), Alió (42.7 ha), Vallmoll (40 ha), Vila-rodona (37, 5 ha), etc.
The Camp de Valls Agreement – Alt Camp Industrial Park aims to unify the efforts aimed at attracting investment and the promotion of the attached industrial parks and the municipalities to which they belong. Through an only phone call, or one management, the Camp de Valls offers to investors the facilities needed to install their business in Camp de Valls – Alt Camp Industrial Park.