The potential of the Camp de Valls

Key factors for the industrial implantation in the Camp de Valls - Alt Camp Industrial Park

Privileged location with good communications

Axis of communications between the Mediterranean and the interior / Roman road passage.

Long-standing industrial experience

From the s. XVIII, paper, textile, leather, spirits, metallurgy sectors. Export tradition

Traditional strategic sectors

Paper; automotive; agricultural-food; logistics; construction materials.

Very diversified auxiliary industry

Metallurgy, moulds and dies, precision technology, air conditioning, engineering, services, etc.

Culture of teamwork; culture of leadership

Tradition of more than 200 years / Valls is the cradle and the km 0 of the món casteller (human towers’ world) / More than 150 active associations.

International industrial environment

With companies such as Repsol, Port de Tarragona, Gomà-Camps, Lear (MAI), Monix, Kellogg’s, etc.

Next to big cities

Barcelona 90 km; Tarragona / Reus 20 km; Zaragoza 214; Andorra 190 km.

An attractive environment to live

Hospital, schools, high schools, universities, stable cultural programmes, healthy environment, environmentally-friendly, affordable prices, security.

Motivated institutions

Investment support: incentives, support, guardianship, guiding, installation facilities, recruitment, advice, etc. (VallsGenera)