Strategic industrial sectors
in the Camp de Valls

Other strategic sectors with a significant presence
to the Camp de Valls

Metallurgical *

Industrial sector of metallurgical tradition with a lot of tradition in the region.


Important sector with leading companies, present in the region.

Other industries*

Companies for the manufacture of plastics.
Transforming companies.
Leading companies in various sectors.

Health and Social Assistance*

Sector strongly rooted in the region led by Pius Hospital de Valls.

Sector Services*

An important sector, strongly ingrained with companies providing multiple activities.

PYME network*

Constituted by an important network of highly diversified companies that concentrate job creation and provide job security. High technology · Computers · Auxiliary engineering · Construction · Maintenance · Cleaning companies · Professional services · Occupational workshops

European cling paper making*

European cling paper making*
Paper and graphic arts industry.
Present in the region since the 18th century.
Big consolidated companies.
Important specialist auxiliary sector.
Investments in environment and logistics.

Automotive and high technology industry *

Automotive and high technology industry *
Automotive and high technology industry
Industrial sector of metallurgical tradition.
Pioneer in the province.
Companies that have grown internationally.
Important sector of auxiliary companies.
Technology centres, engineering, high technology.

Food industry*

Food industry*
Important presence of food industries.
Wide presence of the agricultural-food / livestock sector.
Products with DO and IGP.
Research, innovation, training and specialization.
Development of autochthonous products.

Logistics and distribution centres*

Logistics and distribution centres*
Sector attracted by the excellent location.
Importance of communications.
Importance of the price of industrial land.
Globalized companies that attract other services.
Industrial suppliers that settle in its surroundings.

Construction materials industry *

Construction materials industry *
Companies of various specialties.
Isolations, aggregates, wood, prefabricated.
Engineering, facilities, maintenance.
Builders, supply of materials.