Industrial Promotion

With the promotion of the industrial parks adhered to the Camp de Valls Agreement we intend to:

  • Improve the competitiveness of the current productive fabric, to generate more and better jobs.

  • To favour the growth of the economy, promoting the industrial sectors in which we emphasize.

  • Help promote and internationalize businesses, promoting the quality of work.

  • Achieve greater cohesion of the industrial fabric of Valls and the Alt Camp.

  • Position the Camp de Valls as a good option for business implantation in the Camp de Tarragona.

  • Capture companies interested or related to the industrial sectors in which we stand out, with the complicity of the companies.

  • Identify, track and enhance new business opportunities.

  • To be part of the offers of foreign investment in Catalonia.

  • Unique interlocutor for companies.

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